5% of the net price of each sold art object will be donated to charity. Buyers of individual artworks can decide for themselves to which of the following organizations we will transfer the amount, thus they themselves contribute to the support of one of these goals:

  • Bethesda Hospital Foundation - "From the donations, we can provide better conditions, equipment and care for the small children who are recovering at us."
  • BRAHMANA Mission Association - "20 years ago, the Brahmana Mission was established with the aim of creating a framework for the introduction of self-knowledge based on Vedic foundations, for those who want to get answers to their questions and are attracted to the arts, yoga, Vedic culture and transcendence .”
  • Szent Ferenc Dévai Foundation - "I don't love street children in the silence of my room! He doesn't need to look into my teary, sad eyes, but to have bread on his table, a cover over his head, food on his plate, a pencil in his hand, a blanket on his bed, to receive a kind word, a caress." - Csaba Bojte
  • Igazgyöngy Foundation - "Since 1999, the Igazgyöngy Foundation has been working for equal opportunities, social integration, and the elimination of child poverty and inherited deep poverty. For the next generation, with the help of the current generation. Our foundation operates in one of the ten poorest regions of Europe, the North Great Plain region, and we established our headquarters in Berettyóújfalu.