Zsuzsa SZVATH - The beauty of gray, Imre Kertész, 60×50 cm, oil, canvas

Ft 550,000

"I also lived through a particular fate. It wasn't my destiny, but I lived through it."
Fatelessness, Chapter 9
The processing of Imre Kertész's fate and experiences is the central theme of his work.
I did not paint a broken soul, but rather a portrait of a triumphant and brilliant thinker.
A detail of the portrait of Imre Kertész as a child on the left side of the painting, still raw, not elaborated, made with the glaze technique.
He went through hell when he was young and watched and evaluated his situation as an outsider. He studied, studied, even though his future seemed completely hopeless.
“The holocaust is worth it because it led to immeasurable knowledge through immeasurable suffering; and thereby an immeasurable moral reserve lies in it.” – Imre Kertész

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